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News and Media

In the News... Marini's Chocolate Covered Bacon!

Recently the Food Network aired the special “Sunny’s Summer Eats” featuring amusement parks, festivals and other locales from across the country. Food Network chose to feature our own Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and its foods including corn dogs and chocolate-covered bacon.

Marini’s newest product is Chocolate Covered Bacon. As Joe says, “Who doesn’t love chocolate? Who doesn’t love bacon?” So they decided to combine these two popular foods, and customers can now purchase chocolate bacon at Marini's shops (or get it shipped to them if they don’t live in Santa Cruz)..

Marini's Introduces New, Homemade Ice Cream Flavors!

On June 6, Marini's unveiled seven new ice cream flavors via the most effective marketing tool ever--free stuff. The new line is all about locality, a theme perfectly mirrored in the mixed bag of Santa Cruzans pouring into the downtown door. Starting with a base of local, rBGH-free Polar Bear ice cream, the flavor names and most ingredients are sourced from right here. Pacific Cookie Co. contributes cookies and dough for "Night & Day" and "Pacific Double Header." Local celebrity The Great Morgani lent himself, or at least his name, to a rich coffee flavor with chunks of chocolate, English toffee and espresso beans. "Oh, the Morgani showed up! Excellent!" said owner Joe Marini as the masked performer stepped onto the scene. And as if this premier wasn't enough, a complete Willy Wonka-style contest has begun with golden stickers, sugar manic kids, winning flavor titles and a behind-the-scenes candy factory tour with Mr. Marini himself. His favorite (and mine) is "Fault Line," dark chocolate, milk chocolate and Mexican chocolate stripes. On June 11, all young recipients of the huge golden sticker were invited back for another free scoop, this time of the mystery flavor, and a shot at guessing what it is. Fourth of July weekend is when the contest winner will be announced, the prize being a free scoop per week for a whole year. The eight varieties went through beaucoup testing, but the one called "Vegans Nightmare," crafted of maple ice cream with chocolate covered bacon pieces, may have been disqualified too soon for this town.

By Amber Turpin - metroactive

Marini's featured on "Road Tasted"

With two locations on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk; our ORIGINAL 1915 location near the Coconut Grove and our second candy store, adjacent to the historic Giant Dipper Wooden Rollercoaster, Marini's Candies continues the tradition of making mouth-watering treats while providing magical memories for you and your loved ones.

"You've seen the Deen brothers, Jamie and Bobbie, on their Food Network show Road Tasted. You've heard about them from their beloved mom, cookbook author and Food Network Host Paula Dean. Now, take a vicarious road trip with these good-old-boy charmers and learn how to make their tastiest regional recipes yourself. More than a cookbook, this is a slice of life, packed with more than 100 fabulous recipes inspired by foods Jamie and Bobby have tasted during their travels, plus inspiring color photos, snapshots of the brothers “on the road,” and personal stories about growing up in the South."

The Deen Bros. Cookbook

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